Download Money91 App And Make Money Online

Mall91 is the best app to earn money and save money using your WhatsApp social groups and free time!

Just use your unique referral code and earn per referral!!

1. Refer your friends and family and build your network – earn per referral – you get a share of their earnings as well!

2. Simply share Mall products on your WhatsApp groups. Earn per sale as more friends and contacts buy!

3. Play gaming tournaments every hour and win every hour, use it to buy products from our mall

4. Enable Mall91 UPI QR code at shops of your city and get referral cash – get rewarded for every payment done at these shops using Mall91 UPI QR Code

5. Post interesting videos, images and make followers – popular posts might get you lots of rewards from other users

6. The more active you are, the more MCash you can earn. MCash is our virtual currency which can be used to buy best and cheapest products from Mall91.

7. Open Mall91 franchise through your own shop or start it on WhatsApp groups – collect orders from your family or customers and get commission per order

and many more amazing experiences using our various mini-apps which would provide many utilities and value to your daily life!

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