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Avail Finance is a top choice loan app in India with services across instant cash and personal loans. Need
cash for bike repair or emergency medical bills but have a shortage of liquid money? Try Avail Finance. It
is there to solve all your money issues instantly. Being India’s favorite online personal loan app Avail
comes as a financial buddy providing personal loans for the salaried employees. Avail also provides
personal loans for self-employed people . The main objective of Avail Finance App is to help you with
your financial downs providing you with personal loans and instant cash solutions. By utilizing the
instant cash loan services of the app various needs of an individual or family can be covered on an
immediate basis related to education, medical needs, vehicle, mobile etc.
Access easy loans and meet your financial needs without any pressure and zero interest costs. Secure
your future and get higher loan amounts easily. You can apply instantly with minimum paper work; it is a
zero cost loan app! We understand your financial needs better than anyone else.

a. Minimum and maximum period of repayment: 2 months (61 days) to 8 months (250 days)
b. Maximum APR : 60%
c. Example of cost of loans:

Amount Borrowed(Principal): ₹20,000/-
Interest Rate: 2% monthly Simple Interest
Tenure: 8 months
Processing Fee = ₹400
Amount disbursed = ₹20000
Your EMI amount = ₹2958
Interest amount = ₹3264
Total Cost of Loan = ₹464+₹3200 = ₹3664
APR = (3664/20000)*12/8 = 27%

India’s best online personal loan in India!

�� Included in Top 20 Startups in India FinTech Awards (IFTA) 2018
How Avail is different from other financial apps?
�� Instant Cash and Personal Loan for salaried employees
✨Advance Salary Loan
%Low interest rates with high returns
�� No physical verification or visits, Be Lazy Pay Easy!
�� Easy access and application process
⏰ Set a flexible repayment schedule
�� 100% Digital with minimum documentation
�� Improve your credit score with every repayment
�� Low EMI’s
Services available on Avail App:

�� Instant Cash
�� Personal Loans
Loan amounts between INR 3000 and INR 40,000
Interest Rates between 0% and 2%
Processing Fees between 0 and 600
Repayment Period upto 8 months

Instant Cash loans
 are like a friend you can borrow money from at 0% interest�� and no processing
fee!❌ For your urgent loan needs and to get e-cash online with instant money transfer to your bank
account. Our instant personal loan app offers you a quick and hassle-free paperless application process
for an easy disbursal experience with minimal paperwork.
✨ Instant Cash can be used for:
Avail is your best financial partner providing you with instant personal loans making it extremely easy
for you to get a loan online.
Using Avail’s you can get instant online loans up to INR 40,000. Apply for a loan right now and open your
way to financial freedom with the best loan app!
Note: Your loan application would only be processed if your employer has partnered with us. Check
with your employer or check your messages for a promotional message by Avail.

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